Area Meeting: 2017 Iron Sharpeneth Iron Revival – Open Letter from host Pastor Brian Haney

Area Meeting: 2017 Iron Sharpeneth Iron Revival – Open Letter from host Pastor Brian Haney

Hello Brethren,
It’s almost time for our 3rd annual Iron Sharpens Iron Meeting. January 16th – 19th 2017… Monday thru Thursday… 10am and 6:50 pm each day. Is your Iron dull? The last two years have been wonderful. In fact, I heard from so many that they were greatly revived and grateful for the meeting. I know that I need it! My blood pressure is ready to blow a gasket at the darkness and the lawlessness we are seeing daily… the ONLY HOPE this HELL-BOUND WORLD has if for GOD to BREATH ON HIS PEOPLE ONE MORE TIME. I’m talking “Let the Fire Fall Again Revival.” I BELIEVE GOD CAN…
Let me ask you, do you have a red-hot burden to win souls? Do you still have heart-felt, tear-dropping compassion on lost humanity? Come on now? If not … we need to beg God stir us again. My prayer during this Iron Sharpens Iron Meeting is for God to open up the windows of glory… hey hey! And pour out tractor trailer loads of revival on the Church ONE MORE TIME.
I’ve set aside these four days to seek the Lord for revival. I have asked the Lord WHO we should preach… and so each night Joe Arthur and Ken Bowman will turn loose and burn our hearts with old time preaching. During the morning sessions, I’m leaning on the Holy Ghost to preach some of you with a message from God. So come ready to preach.
*SPECIAL NOTE: At 11am Thursday morning, Sis Glenda McNeese will be speaking (or rather Preaching) to our ladies. Sis McNeese knows well about being married to a preacher… raising a house full of preachers… and knows well the heartaches and hurts the ministry can incur. Please get you wife here for this much needed encouragement.
There will be men here throughout the week with books you can take advantage of… and we will serve lunch each day after the morning service. (Please call the Church here to RSVP if you’re coming for lunch. 706-866-8318 or my cell 423-827-8310)
Let me encourage you men to bring your Church each night to be a part of this meeting for R-E-V-I-V-A-L.
If I can answer any questions for you feel free to call. My prayer is that this meeting will SPARK REVIVAL WORLDWIDE.

Thank you for your precious time,
Bro Brian Haney
Anchor of Hope Baptist Church

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