July Meeting

Greetings Brethren!
This 2014 year is already half way over! I have been blessed to serve this great Tri State Fellowship! We have some of the greatest men of God… I’m talking PREACHERS… GOD CALLED … GOD SENT PREACHERS! Is anybody catching what I’m passing out… I’m talking about men that can step up and preach!!!
Our attendance has been UP and DOWN. The LAST thing I want to be is UNFAITHFUL to my Lord. (WARNING: Apostasy begins with unfaithfulness.) Every meeting this year has been GREAT! The preaching and the fellowship has strengthened my hand greatly!
And how about the If My People Revival? My wagon was loaded! Our folks are still holding prayer meetings every Thursday continuing to pray for REVIVAL.
Camp Meeting at Victory Baptist was tremendous! I’ll tell you men WE NEED PREACHING OURSELVES! I need the bark knocked off trees where I’m living because my flesh is wicked! My hand has been strengthened by serving and fellowshipping with you brethren.
The July 10 Meeting is soon upon us. We will travel to Summer City Baptist Church in Pikeville TN. where bro Tom Swafford is Pastor. We will stay on our regular time schedule (10:00 a.m. eastern) even though they are central time zone. We have two power-houses preaching for us that day; George Pinion and Bob Daugherty.
Rick Spence is driving a van from the Dalton area. Call him if you want to ride. his number is 706-254-8124
George Pinion has volunteered to drive from Rossville … call him to make arrangements … 423-413-3728
Please make every effort to be there!
2015 Tri State IRON SHARPENS IRON MEETING to kick off the New Year. It will serve as a MID-WINTER PREACHERS REVIVAL.
The meeting will be a T-W-O D-A-Y E-X-P-L-O-S-I-O-N of Gospel Preaching! This meeting is for US… the men of God. (Anyone can come) WE NEED GOD TO BURN OUR HEARTS TO PREACH with red-hot fervency and passion to a world headed in high gear for HELL. We are in the midst of apathy and apostasy… preachers are growing weary… Churches are DYING…
By the way, is the Church you serve going to be here 50 years from now? 75 years from now? Is it still going to be preaching with power OR
I’m not waiting for 2015 to sharpen my sword… We better start praying— believing God now— asking for some NOW FAITH— and stepping up to the pulpit and leaning against the collar because HE IS COMING SOON! Our wonderful blessed risen LORD IS COMING AGAIN!
By the way, are you down? Spiritually down? (I fight it every day) Remember this GOD is NO RESPECTOR of persons… HE CAN USE YOU just like HE’S used other men. Let me challenge you to do what David did when he hit a low point… Read 1 Chronicles 17:16 … do you know what David did? He went into the house of the Lord and SAT BEFORE THE LORD.
Praying for you,
Bro Brian Haney
Jude 20-21

Directions: Summer City Baptist Church, 48071 Sr 30, Pikeville, TN 37367. From Chattanooga: From the Rt 153 interchange take US 27 north about 20.4 miles. Turn left onto Rt 303. Go .4 miles and turn right to stay on Rt 303. Go .5 miles and turn left to stay on Rt 303. Continue 4.8 miles on Rt 303 to Rt 30. Turn left onto Rt 30 and go 7.6 miles. The church will be on your right. From Cleveland: Take Rt 60 north to Dayton (this is exit 25 off of I-75). It is about 23.5 miles from I-75 to Dayton. Once in Dayton, turn right onto US 27 north. Go 1.3 miles and turn left onto 3rd Ave/Rt 30. Go .3 miles and turn right on Market Street to stay on Rt 30. Go .2 miles and turn left on Dayton Mountain Hwy to stay on Rt 30. Continue 9.6 miles on Rt 30. The church will be on your right.

When I enter this address into googlemaps.com, it gives an incorrect location. Mapquest gives the correct location. The church is on TN 30 about 10 miles west of Dayton. So, be careful if you’re going to enter this into your GPS.