Take a Stand!

From Bro. Haney

Men, I’m writing you because I need your help! A brother of ours is endeavoring to take a stand against the evil in Chattanooga. Charlie Wysong has come to me for help. As you know Chattanooga is being pushed by gay activist to accept the gay agenda. Bro Charlie needs our help in taking to the streets of the 7th District of Chattanooga to obtain 1600 signatures. With only Bro Wysong, Randy Bell and myself this is a huge task. But with your help we can do it!

I’m ASKING YOU, the Men of God, to DO SOMETHING. We have all preached about the sin in our generation… WELL LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Don’t excuse yourself b/c you don’t live in Chattanooga… You live in America and WE MUST TAKE A STAND!

You men that host Bible Colleges, rally those preacher ONE NIGHT or TWO NIGHTS… HELP US STAND AGAINST THE EVIL OF OUR DAY!
You Pastors, rally the men of your Church to sacrifice a couple of hours!

We can knock on doors, ask IF THEY WOULD LIKE TO RECALL CHRIS ANDERSON because… hand them a Gospel tract and STAND FAST for our generation!

“I sought for a man among them… To make up the Hedge…”

I’m IN, are YOU?
Bro Haney

Here is the original letter from Bro. Wysong with the details of what is needed:

Bro. Brian,

“Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.” We as God’s people are here once again.

Chattanooga has been known as a city with a devotion to Jesus Christ.

Chris Anderson the homosexual Chattanooga City Councilman wants to change this. He is the one who introduced and got passed the Domestic Partnership Ordinance. The ordinance, among other things, gave homosexual men the right to go into the City’s Women’s bathrooms, and if a woman dare complain she could be charged with harassment.

We needed 6,000 signatures to stop the Ordinance’s implementation; God gave us 11,100!

There are 200 streets in Anderson’s district. We need 200 people who would simply visit out a street and get the petition to remove him from office signed.

We must have 3,000 signatures. We have 600 now, and we have 2 weeks to go. We are well able to get the 2,400 needed, but we need workers. And you don’t have to live in Chattanooga; anyone can get signatures.

Here’s what I know. There are 10,000 registered voters in Anderson’s district, and 60-70% want him gone! There are 200 streets and if we have 200 workers, he’s gone!

Chris Anderson’s district consists of Alton Park, Downtown, East Lake and St. Elmo. Temple Baptist Church is in Anderson’s District. We will be meeting in their parking lot to go out visiting on April 14, 15, 17 & 19: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Mon, Tues, Thurs; 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Saturday.

This matter is urgent! The spiritual direction for Chattanooga and the surrounding areas may well depend on this one issue.

Website —- www.RecallAnderson.com

Bro. Charlie