Prayer Supper


Do you pray for a real move of God? Do you long for being in a meeting where God will show up and change your life forever?

Well if you do, I also long for the days of old, that you and I only hear about from grandpa and old men of God of years gone by.

I’m asking God to do it again. DO IT AGAIN LORD!

A group of preachers with the same spirit and desire as you and I have, are meeting to seek God to touch His people once again.

The meet is called “If My People”.


We will meet March 18 to pray and then plan some prayer meetings in the future.

Time: 7pm
Place: Bible Baptist Church, Rossville, GA

Because He Lives,
Pastor Tim McCulley

Ps: Call and ride up with me! 796-260-6994

Here is a letter from Bro. Gravely

Dear Brethren,

I’m writing this letter to every man of God and church that is laboring for the cause of Christ in these last days. There is no doubt that these are difficult times, and that we have all seen a spiritual decline both in our churches and in our country. My heart has been deeply stirred and moved both as a pastor and as an evangelist as I hear and see the discouragement of good men who are abiding faithful but are growing weary in the work of God.

Two years ago the Lord began using 2 Chron. 7:14 to speak to me about the burden I would like to lay before you. The phrase, “IF MY PEOPLE” has been ringing out saying, that if we could get God’s people to come together and seek revival for our area, imagine what could God do? I have tried to get away from it, the devil has said it will never work, but in spite of it all this, the Holy Spirit has deeply impressed upon my heart to try and call as many churches as possible together to join us for a time of prayer and revival.

Pastor Randy Bell has graciously agreed to allow us to use his facilities at the Lupton Dr. Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tn. It is an auditorium that will seat several hundred people, the date that is set is June 2-4 and the evangelist will be Dr. Joe Author. Starting time for the meeting will be 7:14 to correlate with our verse the Lord has given us and to remind us why we are meeting. The theme is, “IF MY PEOPLE”.

On March the 18th at 7:00 we are going to be hosting a pastor’s supper at Bible Baptist Church in Rossville. Please call 423-314-8010 or 706-264-8124 if you are planning to attend. (RSVP) This will be our first meeting in discussing in more detail what our burden and vision consist of and we would like to invite as a many pastors as possible to please come.

I want our purpose to be crystal clear. We are not just having a meeting. There is no personal agenda, this is not a church meeting, nor is it a camp meeting, and we do not want to emphasize any certain church nor any man’s ministry. Chattanooga and North Ga. needs a visitation from God. The Lord could use this meeting to help all of our churches and change all of our ministries for his glory! Please join with us in this effort to see God do something great amongst us all. I mean this from the depths of my heart, God bearing me record, I am as interested in seeing God bless your community and your church as I am my own. I not only speak for myself when I say that, but there are many a good pastors around us that feel the same way. We are living in days when it doesn’t matter where revival is happening or with whom; we just need to see revival. If you are struggling or not will you pray about joining us in this effort? We are asking every pastor to pray about committing your church to this meeting and bringing your congregation. I believe the Lord spoke to us about this matter, and I believe he wants to work mightily amongst us. Let’s purpose to come together in unity, lay aside any differences that would hinder any of us, and seek God for a real touch of revival.

Thank you,

Pastor Gravley