Info – Statewide Meeting


Below is a list of the speakers and dates, etc.

Moderators- Dr. Raymond Hancock Dr. Don Richards Dr. Joe Arthur

Monday March 24th
3pm Dr. Glen Anderson
4pm Pastor Josh Appel
5pm Dinner (banquet provided by host church)
7pm Pastor Tommy Land
8pm Dr. Tim Rabon

Tuesday March 25th
9am Pastor Brad Bailey
10am Pastor Ernest Groce
10:30 Break
10:45- Pastor John Mills
11:30- Pastor James Grantham

10:45 Special Ladies Meeting Mrs. Donna Via (Dr. Hancock’s daughter)
12:15 Lunch
3:00 pm Pastor John Hamilton
4:00pm Dr. Tolbert Moore
5:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Dr. Charles Keen
8:00pm Dr. Raymond Hancock

**This year we will be honoring Mrs. Nell Hancock and Dr. Jim Brown. Both of whom went to be with the Lord in November. Dr. and Mrs. Hancock were married 66 years. Dr. Jim Brown Evangelist was scheduled to preach in this years meeting.