prayer & praise

Many of you may have heard about Bro. Tom McGuirt. I just talked with his daughter, Andrea, a few minutes ago. She was sitting with him at the hospital. Tom was home alone on Friday when a tornado hit his house (he lives in the Harrison Bay area). The tornado picked the house up off its foundation and smashed it to pieces. Tom had to be dug out of the rubble. He is banged up pretty badly but no broken bones. The one issue that he has is a “bruised brain”. Andea said the doctors told the family to expect Tom to exhibit stroke-like symptoms but also that he should fully recover. Praise the Lord for that! Please pray for him and the family as well as for all those touched by this most recent weather outbreak. Over 30 lives lost nationwide. Some people have been hit for the second time in 10 months! Thanks, Bro. Kidd