Request for today, February 21

This request comes from Heritage Ministries of Kentucky.


” This is a very important call to Frankfort! If you don’t live in Kentucky, please pray for us in our effort to stop casino gambling from coming to Kentucky. If you live in Kentucky please come to Frankfort Tuesday, February 21st at 3pm for a rally at the Capitol Rotunda. Pastor Hershael York is planning a Rally so the numbers can say to our Legislators that Kentucky citizens as a whole do not want casinos in this state. They will destroy individuals, families, businesses, and government. Family Foundation Director, Kent Ostrander, is urging us to gather in order that our voice may be heard loudly and clearly in our state government.

As President of Heritage Ministries, I urge you to take off work, take your children from school and bring them to Frankfort Tuesday. They will learn so much about government from being there it will eclipse anything they may temporarily miss in school. Pastors, this is the time to stand! Please load your church buses and come Tuesday. I know everything you do in ministry is important; but if we don’t use some time each year to preserve civil liberty, we won’t be able to preserve the right to do ministry in our churches—or even meet for that matter. I’m urging you to rearrange your schedule, as I’m having to do, to be at this Rally. Please protect the next generation’s right to hear the truth! Come to Frankfort Tuesday and bring with you as many as you can.
May the Lord bless us and help us not to add casinos to our already huge sins of gambling in this state. May we Stand for liberty!!
Because of Christ,
Don Is. 58:12:”
Let’s join them in prayer.