Important News and Area Meetings



Last day to register to vote: October 11th

Early Voting-

Absentee/In Person: October 18th thru 28th at City Hall from 8a.m.-5p.m.

Advance Voting: October 31st thru November 4th from 8a.m.-5p.m.

(November 3rd – Poll will be open until 7:oop.m.) at City Hall.

Actual Voting Day: November 8th from 7a.m.-7p.m. at Constitution



Dear GA Pastor,


We look forward to the 34th annual Wings Bearing Precious Seed Mission Revival to be held Tuesday – Thursday, October 4-6, 2011. Our home church, Landmark Baptist Church in Locust Grove, Georgia, and Pastor David O’Steen will be our host and we want to cordially invite you to attend. There will be great preaching, fellowship, and inspirational KJV videos as we commemorate the 400th anniversary of our beloved King James Bible. Please see the enclosed flier on the meeting.


Our theme this year will be, Holding Forth the Word of Life! We know you share our desire to get the gospel to the world and we believe you will be encouraged and challenged in that endeavor at our meeting this year. You can find out more


Thanks for your time and consideration and may the Lord richly bless you as you faithfully serve Him.