Please pray for and help Sand Mt. Bible Camp

Nellie Head Memorial

Baptist Church

2379 Catoosa Parkway

Tunnel Hill, Georgia 30755


I pray my letter fines you well and enjoying the blessings of the Lord in your life and in your ministry.

Last week, Linda and I had the opportunity to drive up and view the damages done the tornados at Sand Mountain Bible Camp. (They experienced three in that one day!) I’m sure you have heard that they received extensive damage to several of their buildings, but to be honest with you, it was much more than my mind had imagined. To stand and look at a pile of steel beams twisted almost into what looked like paper clips was beyond my comprehension. And that is exactly what the Tabernacle looks like; it has been brought down to just a pile of rubble.

The reason of my letter is simple. I am asking you to consider a one-time offering to Sand Mountain Bible Camp to help with their recovery. While there, I talked with Brothers George and Philip Trask about their plans. They will rebuild! But they need our help! Insurance will cover some costs but not all. Please pray sincerely over my request and then do as God directs you.

So you will not think I am exaggerating, there are pictures with my letter to show you what Linda and I saw. If you have ever sat under the Tabernacle and worshipped then your heart will have to be touched by what you see. What a great loss to the churches of our area. Please do your best to help; that is all I can ask of you.


Brother Herschell Hicks