Prayer Request for Missionary

Below is an urgent prayer request for Bro. Mack Locklear.
Mack and I have been to South Roxanna, Illinois (which is across the river from St. Louis) since Friday. We returned tonight after a long hard trip running into snow, sleet, etc. in Nashville. The road (I-75) from Chattanooga to Calhoun was awful.

Mack preached at the Bethel Baptist Church on Sunday morning, we ate lunch with a mission group coming to the island the last week of March and then had a meeting at the church in the afternoon and last night he was preaching again. During his message all of a sudden he leaned over on the pulpit, his mouth was moving trying to say “Marilyn” but nothing was coming out. The Preacher was sitting on the front pew and I was sitting on the second pew. He finally got out the word “problem” and the Preacher and I both jumped up and ran up to where he was. He had a strange sensation down his right cheek and down his right arm and then could not speak. We called 911 and they came, put him on oxygen, and worked with him for about 30 minutes in the ambulance.
The hospital in St. Louis did blood work, ex-rays and a cat scan of his brain. His heart checked out good. His blood pressure was 210 over 101. He had a mini stroke. His oxygen was cut off from his brain for those few minutes. They sent all his paper work home with us today and asked that he have his doctor here in Rome to check the left hand side of his neck for a blockage. He is still having some trouble with his arm. I knew he was not himself since he had Dengue Fever in Jamaica before we left. He has no energy and sleeps a lot.
Please join us in prayer. We have tickets to return to Jamaica on January 18th. We were supposed to take 2 barrels and a microwave to Jacksonville, Florida tomorrow to ship for Ms. Clarris Ruddock. I called and asked our Preacher if someone could make that trip for us.
He sat down to watch the Auburn/Oregon football game tonight and he is sound asleep.
I love all of you, Marilyn