Great Opportunity

Bro Spence,

Would you send this email out to the Brethren?

Dear Preachers

I have a missionary from EGYPT coming to speak at Anchor of Hope on January 23rd AM. I am trying to get him into a Church that night for the PM service. His name is Lazarus McKale. He is a true Egyptian that God miraculously saved out of Catholicism. (His testimony is incredible) Our Lord had used Bro Lazarus to start the Mediterrainian Baptist Missions in the middle east. Through one man that was converted to Christ, God has raised up many Churches in Egypt (48 last count), Libyia, Kuwate, Israel, Pakistan, Iraq & Iran. He is a modern day Apostle Paul in planting and establishing Churches. There is now in Alexandria Egypt a Bible College set up where local Pastors are trained for the work of the ministry.

I have had the privilege of going on 3 Mission Trips to Egypt with Lazarus. To say it’s INCREDIBLE, LIFE-CHANGING, MONUMENTAL only begins to describe it.

My Prayer is that one of our local pastors in the Tri-State area would be willing to have one of God’s choice men come share his mission at their Church. He is a KJV man.

He will be in town that weekend only flying out to Los Angeles on Jan 24. If you would like to have him in your Churches at another date I can easily put you in contact with him.

If anyone would like to schedule Bro Lazarus January 23rd for the PM service please contact

Brian Haney @


Thank you