Native Americans need Pastors

Dear Preachers

I recieve a pryer letter from a Soix Indian Evangelist “God’s Cowboys” and he mentions some works out west that need pastors. Also a Native American work in Alabama that needs a pastor. I thought I would pass it on maybe the Lord has someone for the work in our misdt. Please pass on the letter. God bless.

Bro. Rick Spence

Hello Fellow Servants of Christ,
We are having an amazing year in Christ. Literally hundreds have turned to the Lord for salvation as well as several have surrendered to follow Jesus in service. The devil is sure on the fight he has attacked at home thru gangs, thieves, finances, health, as well as problems on the ranch. But Jesus is still on the throne there have been very few weeks that we haven’t seen folks saved.
Please pray for the need of a building in Mescalero and a van as most folks there don’t have vehicles,the last revival we had there we saw 21 proffess Christ. They are meeting in one of the grandmas house, in the church and they are smooth out of room, Praise the Lord.
The work in Pine Ridge SD needs prayer with upwards of 50 folks there with out a building and the missionary Bro.Dale Morgan is having severe health problems he desires to be there by Jan. They also are in need of a van as most there don’t own vehicles, also need of a building in Pine Ridge.
Since the last letter we had revival in Brownfield Tx. with Bro. Dale Matlock, with Bro. Eppie Mendoza in Belen NM, We had a rodeo school for Bro. Mark Sanchez in Bernalio NM, a revival in Mescalero NM with Bro.Randy Mims, as well as a meeting in Port Angeles Wa. with Bro. Dave Stephenson,on the way back was called to see a friend in Crown Point NM who was suffering from intestinal cancer, after leading him to Jesus, found that 6 days before that they had given him hours to live,but he held on till he received Christ. 2 more days he spent talking to his family as a child of
God, I prayed with him just 5 minutes before he went to be with our Lord.Over 60 have been saved in the last 2 mo.s
Please pray for Missionary Stan Pearson and his wife they have planted many churches all across this country. He now has Parkinsons Disease and had to check in a nursing home in Pensacola Fla., thier last work on the Poarche Creek Res. in Atmore Ala. needs a preacher there is some interest in this work as Bro. Josh Harjo and his brother preached up a storm for a week. But I don’t know if Bro Harjo’s health will allow him to take the work. Miss Sandra’s Bro. Stan’s wife has poor health as well. Sadly churches have the practice of dropping missionaries like these after sacrificing thier health and 30+ years of service in the field. There are many missionaries who stay in the field when they should come in and take care of thier health because there’s no one to take up the banner and walk on.
Folks the fields are truly white on to harvest but as long as the farmers making themselves believe they got something better to do, the fields will not be taken care as God would have it done.
Every flock is to have a shepherd, every field is to have laborers. “Preachers” wonder why there aren’t more folks getting saved,they need to look at thier altars that are empty and dry with no tears, the Christians’ conscience is seared. God is still calling people to service,His children are covering thier ears. God has probably called someone that’s reading this right now and they are saying not me. I have too many problems I’m already driving the bus, I’m teaching. Maybe if they would answer God’s call, someone else would take thier place on the wall.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support,we love you folks in Christ. NOW let’s get busy and see what God can do w/us!Bro.Rome and the Herd