Next Meeting – 10:00 A.M. Thursday, November 4th, 2010 @ Elizabeth Terrace Baptist Church

Dear Preacher

What a tremendous time we had at the October fellowship meeting. The Lord blessed our hearts through the special singing by the Philadelphia Christian Academy and through both messages. Bro. James Dunn preached on “Jeremiah’s dialog with the Lord”. He took his text from Jeremiah 12:1-5. Our second preacher was Bro. Dan Reed. He brought his message from Exodus 25:8, 9, and 40 on “God’s set pattern”. What a blessing to be encouraged by such great preaching. We also want to thank Bro. Tim McCulley and all the Philadelphia Baptist church family for providing a great meal and being so good to all the preachers.

Humor – Children say some funny things. During the lunch Bro. McCulley told us that after the first preacher preached, the young folks finished singing, the all the preachers introduced themselves, and the second preacher got up to preach. One of the first graders leaned over and anxiously asked their teacher “Are all these Preachers going to PREACH?”

News from last meeting – Dr. Billy Goolesby will represent our fellowship during the March 28-29, 2011 Statewide Fellowship of Georgia at Corinth Baptist Church in Loganville, hosted by Dr. Don Richards the pastor. We are asking our fellowship to help with the expenses of the statewide meeting by making contributions personally or through your church to the Tri-State fellowship. We will send one check at the first of the year with our regular donation plus any extra contributions. If all of the churches represented in our fellowship could give a $25.00 love offering it would really help lighten the burden of the host church. All checks can be made out to Tri-State Ind. Preachers Fellowship. Thanks for your help.

Next meeting 10:00 A.M. Thursday, November 4th, 2010 @ Elizabeth Terrace Baptist Church, in Rossville, GA where Bro. George Pinion is the host Pastor. The scheduled Preachers for November are Pastor, Bro. Bobby Walston of the Emanuel Baptist Church in Summerville, GA and Evangelist, Bro. Buster Kinsey member of the Elizabeth Terrace Baptist Church.

Business – This will be a very important meeting since we will be choosing our officers for the 2011 calendar year. We also have one other piece of business that will be brought to the floor for discussion and a vote. So please be present for this meeting if possible.

Directions To Elizabeth Terrace Baptist Church:

> From Dalton: Take I-75 to Battlefield Parkway, Highway 2 and proceed toward Ft. Oglethorpe. Stay on Highway 2 through Fort Oglethorpe crossing Highway 27. When you cross Highway 27 be careful not to take the by pass around Chickamauga Battlefield. This would take you toward Lafayette. Stay in the left lane when you cross Highway 27. Proceed to the Happy Valley Road. Ridgeland High School will be on your left at this red light. Turn right on Happy Valley and proceed approximately 1/2 mile. Turn left on Wilson Road. Proceed up Wilson Road about 2 and 1/2 miles. When you pass Rossville Elementary School, take the 2nd left which is Glentana Street. The church will be on your left.

> From Chattanooga: Take Highway 27 south, which is Rossville Blvd. When you cross the TN/GA state line take the 2nd right, which is McFarland Avenue. Stay on McFarland Avenue to the 2nd Red light which is Maple Street. Turn right and the church is one mile on your right. If you have trouble finding the church call the church at 706-866-2156.

Help keep our fellowship strong by praying for the November meeting and as always invite and bring another preacher with you. Pastor Pinnion and Church family of Elizabeth Terrace Baptist church are planning a special day of fellowship, let us show our appreciation and be a blessing to them as they are to us.

“Under His Wings”

Bro. Spence