Your Prayers are very much appreciated

Dear Preachers

Yesterday afternoon(Thursday, October 29, 2009), Janice Dunlop, wife of Evangelist Ed Dunlop, went home to be with the Lord she loves . While she is home and in a better place, we will miss her. Please pray for Bro. Dunlop as he faces life without his sweetheart of 32 years.

Jan’s funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:00 at Stanley Heights Baptist Church, 1512 McBrien Road, East Ridge, TN 37412. (a suburb of Chattanooga)

In memory of her home going, the family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Saulnier-Roberson Haven, Inc. jail and prison ministry, and Silent Word Ministries International – a ministry committed to the spread of the gospel to the deaf world-wide. Gifts will be received and distributed by the Stanley Heights Baptist Church, 1512 McBrien Road, East Ridge, TN 37412. You can contact the church at (423) 867-8060.

Bro. Dunlop has been a blessing and a friend to so many of us and it is our time to be a friend to him.


Thanks to all of you who helped us pray for our daughter and son-in-law during his surgery on yesterday. He was in surgery almost 6 hours but everything went well. They moved him out of S I C U this afternoon to a regular room. The doctor told us that he had a large amount of adhesions or scar tissue from his previous surgery that had to be removed along with several hernia’s around the incision where they had operated before. They removed an ulcer from the bottom of his stomach which was obstructing the flow from his stomach into his small intestine causing his nausea and vomiting which inflamed and ulcerated his esophagus. Please help us continue to pray for his recovery and for he and Melissa to get regular in church again like they know they should..


God Bless,

Brother George & Sister Janet