Please Help Save The Ranch!

Dear Brethren

As many of you fellows know, I resigned my pastorate almost 12 years ago, and Brenda and I began working with La Fe Ministries of Jimenez, Chihuahua, Mexico. God has greatly blessed our ministry in these 12 years, with over 19,500 souls saved. We’ve built several churches, started a Bible Institute (in which I teach), trained and sent out 3 Mexican missionary/pastors, worked with la Iglesia Bautista La Fe in Jimenez (which now has a national pastor), and worked to develop La Fe Ranch into a great ministry center, with 11 buildings, including dormitories, missionary and worker housing, and dining facilities. After 10 years without it, we now have electricity. God has done some great things in these years.

We are now facing the greatest challenge we have faced in these 12 years. Bro. Lanny Ashcraft, with whom we began working, but who left the field 5 years ago, has decided to sell the ranch! It was in his name, so he legally has the right to do so. We can all argue the rights and wrongs of his action, but, the bottom line is, if we are to save the ministry in which we have devoted so much of our lives and energies, and continue this great work upon which God has obviously placed His hand, we must buy the ranch! Lanny was offered $400,000 by neighboring ranchers, but has agreed to sell it to us for $200,000. We will register the property in the name of La Fe Baptist Missions, under New Haven Baptist Church.

Friends, we need God’s people to help us. I don’t have this kind of money. But, I know that God can provide what is needed. I have to give Lanny $25,000 this week, another $25,000 in 30 days, then I will have 6 months to raise the remaining $150,000. You that have visited our work in Mexico know that the ministry is worth saving. You know how ideal the 344-acre Rancho La Fe is for this ministry. You’ve seen the young boys’ lives being changed. You’ve seen the great water resource, so critical in the desert. Please, help us save it! I promise that any investment will bring forth much fruit in years to come.

Contributions must be sent to New Haven Baptist Church, POB 21721, Chattanooga TN 37424, marked “La Fe Ranch Fund”. We need your help, and we need it quickly.

I have claimed Isaiah 43:18-19. Please pray for us: that this need will be met; that I will have wisdom to lead the entire ministry; and that God will give us many more years of fruitful service to Him and the people we love in Chihuahua.

My e-mail: phone 423-893-8146 or 423-322-0635.

Thank you,

Mike and Brenda Combs

La Fe Baptist Missions

2220 Spencer Ave. Chattanooga Tn 37421