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jun 22, 2015

Women Conference 2015

Why This Event

We are a church that
believes in Jesus, a church
that loves God and people

We have a strong sense of community with parishioners. People and children of all ages here are encouraged to learn about their own faith and the role of the church in our community and worldwide.

Anthony Mann
Speach theme
Lor is Sufficient For All Our Needs
Briana Nevill
Speach theme
Areas We Struggle To trust God
David Roseman
Speach theme
It’s The Time for a Comeback
Henry Douglas
Speach theme
Gods Plans for Marriage
Conference Program
“If you wish to become a part of our church our community is awaiting you with our open hearts.”
Holy Spirit: Strategic Thinking
by Lily Hunter
Hope For Your Marriage
by Lily Hunter
The Opposite of Revenge
by Lily Hunter

The Tri-State preachers fellowship has been a great blessing and encouragement to me over the years. A few years ago I had a Military Doctor at home in Dalton ask me for some Arabic Gospels tracts to take back to Iraq. I did not have anything to print for him. That very same week at a fellowship, Bro. Charles Humphrey walk up to me and ask me “Bro. Spence could you use some Arabic New Testaments?” Could I? Only God can put together such providence. GLORY TO GOD! We shipped 3 cases of Arabic New Testaments to Iraq at a reduced cost provided by the U.S. Military. Later I was told that they were placed on a table at the hospital in Bagdad and Muslims would come by and pick up one as they left the compound. I believe God worked it all out and we will see some saved Iraqis when we get to Heaven. Thank God for our fellowship.

Rick SpencePastor of New Life Baptist Church

Since early in 1984, I have been a member of the Tri-State Independent Baptist Pastor’s Fellowship. Through the years, the fellowship with God’s men and the preaching of God’s Word have proven to be a great blessing in this preacher’s life. There have been occasions when I have gone to the monthly fellowship discouraged, but I have never left discouraged. Thank God we have maintained an emphasis on the preaching of God’s Word and the exalting of the Lord Jesus Christ. May God help us to endeavor to strengthen what He has blessed us with in this great fellowship.

George PinionPastor of Elizabeth Terrace Baptist Church

The Tri-State Fellowship has been a blessing to me personally. The preaching is consistently Biblical and inspiring each month. The Fellowship is delightful and genuine. I have built some lasting, fruitful friendships in these 22 years of being a part of the Tri-State Fellowship that has help me remain steadfast and faithful in the ministry.

Tim McCulleyPastor of Philadelphia Baptist Church, Calhoun GA